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My name is Michele Denise Akamba Ava, I´ m from Cameroon. I´m Agricultural Engineering completing now my Master in Resources managment in the Tropic and Sub-Tropic at the University of Bonn.

I worked one year in the Airport as agricultural, horticultural export controller. After that I have been working as an Agricultural extension worker. My work was to facilitate the relationship between the Resarchers, The extension workers and the farmers,i.e. to facilitate the use of the results of the National Research Centre at the farmer level, to organise the formation of formators, and diagnostic...

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Address C.V Field
Eduard Pflüger Str. 56, 53113 Bonn-Germany(until 02 2001) Agra-Engineering(Uni Dschang -Cameroon) Animal Sciences
Tel.: 0492286201354 Master of Sciences(Uni-Bonn) Ressources managment in Agriculture in Tropic & Sub-Tropic
My address after february 2001 International Women's University (Suderburg-Germany) Water and Gender, Water and Life...
Delegation Provinciale de l´agriculture du Centre, BP 237 Yaounde Cameroon Agricultural Extension Program(World Bank-Cameroon) Participative Diagnostics In rural area

Tropen Tag (Uni Bonn) Valorisation of negleted plants and trees in the Tropics

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Located in: Bonn(until 02.01), Yaounde (Cameroon)